Christmas Shop Open & Wreath Making Workshops

We’re so delighted to have our Christmas Store fully open for you. We have seasonal decor of the living kind (pointsettias, amaryllis, potted Christmas trees and full size trees) and many items that you can decorate with year after year.

A wonderful time out

A stroll around Carp Garden Centre at this time of year is quite magical. Get a bite to eat and a hot drink at Eldon’s Pantry or Alice’s Village Cafe, then stop by for a relaxing visit.

Our greenhouses are bursting with red, green, and golden hues, and the giant trees that ring the property create a quiet space away from the frenzy in the rest of our lives.

Our shop is full of Christmas and winter themed decor; you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your home.

Every weekend we offer our guided wreath making workshops (2.5 hours). Bring a group of friends or your work team, or just come for you.

We’re open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 4 and look forward to seeing you soon!

25% Off Trees, Shrubs and Perennials while stocks last

The discounts on beautiful trees, shrubs, and perennials continues at Carp Garden Centre through September and while stock lasts!

The fall is a wonderful time to fill out your yard or garden and our staff can help you make the best choices for your soil and light conditions.

Browse online or come on in to choose from the wonderful specimens we still have in our greenhouses and outdoors.

We’ve marked down Tropicals this long weekend!

Every Labour Day Weekend our customers know they can count on deep discounts at Carp Garden Centre for trees, perennials, and shrubs. 

This year, we’re adding to the savings with a flash sale on tropicals. We have so many loyal customers who’ve come to know the quality tropical plants that we carry, and we want to say thank you with 15% OFF all tropicals this holiday weekend.

We hope to see you today, tomorrow or Monday!

Get Ready for the Annual Labour Day Weekend Sale!

If you’re around this weekend and you still have plans to plant this fall, now is the time to prioritize a visit to Carp Garden Centre!

We’ll be discounting our beautiful tree selection by 40%. The fall is an ideal time to plant trees in your yard or garden, as the less intense temperatures ease any stress. Talk to our experienced staff to make the best choices for your space and to get important tips on caring for your new tree or trees.

We’ll also be offering 40% off perennials and shrubs, a fantastic opportunity to add some hard working and attractive mainstays to your garden landscape.

We’ll be open all three days of the long weekend! Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-4, and Monday 9-5. We can’t wait to see you.

Tropicals for your home

We know the summer is a bit of a fluid time for finding out what’s going on locally. Maybe you’re just coming back from vacation or just about to go.

We want to be sure you know that we have a stunning array of tropicals plants in to choose from at Carp Garden Centre. We’ve got such an interesting selection — the pretty, the unusual, and everything in between.

Do any of these strike your fancy:

Baby Toes
Maranta (Red and Green)
String of Pearls
String of Turtles

That’s just a small taste of the variety we have in our greenhouses.

Come into Carp Garden Centre before the long weekend when we tend to see a lot of our best stock head out the door!

Talk to our specialized staff if you need help in choosing. We look forward to seeing you!

Beautiful New Tropical Stock in at Carp Garden Centre

It’s always a delight when new tropical plants come into Carp Garden Centre.

Tropical plants continue to be a strong home décor and indoor gardening trend, and we love supporting it. We always have a large, healthy selection of tropicals to peruse.

The colours, the leaf shapes and details, and just the huge variety is always so wonderful to behold. Check out the names of some of these beauties: 

  • Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’
  • ZZ ‘Oscuro Black’
  • Epipremnum ‘Baltic Blue’
  • Philodenrdon ‘White Princess’
  • Hoya ‘Albo Carnosa’

 Come into Carp Garden Centre to choose yours. Remember you can browse online first to get a feel for our extensive stock.

The Hardy Daylily in the Spotlight

The daylilies are starting to shine at the garden centre this week.

Daylilies are a super-tough, drought resistant, and low maintenance perennial that comes in many colours.

Daylilies are great for beginner and experienced gardeners alike! These beauties are not to be confused with the wild orange lilies that thrive in our ditches in Eastern Ontario and spread easily. These cultivated daylilies are much better behaved, staying in one tidy clump.

Come check out some of the gorgeous daylilies we have in bloom at Carp Garden Centre!

Panicle Hydrangeas for Endless Flowering

July is the time of year the panicle hydrangeas begin their stunning display and they just keep on flowering!

Panicle hydrangeas are the easiest hydrangea to grow and offer a hardy, reliable option for the Ottawa area that you can count on to flower every year.

No other flowering shrub offers such a spectacular display of blooms for the length of time that panicle hydrangeas do. You’ll be enjoying the blooms from July until fall.

There are many varieties to choose from, including dwarf options perfect for smaller gardens such as the ‘Bobo’ variety. Other varieties can grow quite large, even topping out at 8 feet tall like the ‘Limelight’ can do.

All panicle hydrangea flowers will start out white and turn either pink or red.

Placing Your Panicle Hydrangeas

In our climate they prefer full sun, a minimum of 6 hours a day for maximum blooming. They can tolerate partial sun, as little as 4 to 6 hours per day, however the lower light levels can affect how vigorously they bloom.

Caring for Panicle Hydrangeas

Maintenance is easy: a quick prune of one-third of the plant in the spring or fall is all it takes. Be careful not to prune in early to mid summer as panicle hydrangeas bloom on ‘new wood’ and you’ll cut off that year’s blooms. 

Come check out all the gorgeous varieties we have in stock, or let one of our horticulturists help you pick the best variety for your garden!