The Hardy Daylily in the Spotlight

The daylilies are starting to shine at the garden centre this week.

Daylilies are a super-tough, drought resistant, and low maintenance perennial that comes in many colours.

Daylilies are great for beginner and experienced gardeners alike! These beauties are not to be confused with the wild orange lilies that thrive in our ditches in Eastern Ontario and spread easily. These cultivated daylilies are much better behaved, staying in one tidy clump.

Come check out some of the gorgeous daylilies we have in bloom at Carp Garden Centre!

Panicle Hydrangeas for Endless Flowering

July is the time of year the panicle hydrangeas begin their stunning display and they just keep on flowering!

Panicle hydrangeas are the easiest hydrangea to grow and offer a hardy, reliable option for the Ottawa area that you can count on to flower every year.

No other flowering shrub offers such a spectacular display of blooms for the length of time that panicle hydrangeas do. You’ll be enjoying the blooms from July until fall.

There are many varieties to choose from, including dwarf options perfect for smaller gardens such as the ‘Bobo’ variety. Other varieties can grow quite large, even topping out at 8 feet tall like the ‘Limelight’ can do.

All panicle hydrangea flowers will start out white and turn either pink or red.

Placing Your Panicle Hydrangeas

In our climate they prefer full sun, a minimum of 6 hours a day for maximum blooming. They can tolerate partial sun, as little as 4 to 6 hours per day, however the lower light levels can affect how vigorously they bloom.

Caring for Panicle Hydrangeas

Maintenance is easy: a quick prune of one-third of the plant in the spring or fall is all it takes. Be careful not to prune in early to mid summer as panicle hydrangeas bloom on ‘new wood’ and you’ll cut off that year’s blooms. 

Come check out all the gorgeous varieties we have in stock, or let one of our horticulturists help you pick the best variety for your garden!

So much colour with new perennial stock!

It’s all about the perennials! We have gorgeous new stock, including beebalm, echinacea, delphiniums, phlox, and Shasta daisies.

Make the bees and other pollinators happy and your garden sing with so much gorgeous colour.

Find it all at Carp Garden Centre seven days a week. We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9 -5 and Sundays from 10-4.

Our staff is here to help you find the best selections for your garden this season.

Perennials for Sun, Shade or in Between

We have so many gorgeous perennial plants to choose from this season. We have sun loving perennials, shade loving and shade tolerant varieties, as well as perennials that will do well with sun and shade.

Get a feel for what we have ahead of time right here, with the photo gallery in this post, or check out the options we have listed on our online store.

The garden centre is calmer these days, with many folks away for part of the summer, so it’s a great time to come in for a stroll around. We’d be happy to give you advice on the best selections for your garden.