Re-opening March 23rd

We are just getting ready to open for another gardening season! Our plan is to open March 23rd. We’ll be open Tuesday through Sunday from 10-4.

Our online store has already re-opened! Buy your veggie and herb seeds now. If you need them before March 23rd, we can arrange a time for you to pick up from the garden centre.

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Our online store is open and offering:

  • seeds
  • tropicals
  • garden art
veggie seedlings in a tray

Huge savings during our Labour Day weekend sale!

It’s that time of the year again! Our end of season clearance sale takes place this weekend!

Take 40% off Perennials, Trees & Shrubs. It’s also a great chance to get a chance to preview our new fall annual stock – come check out the beautiful annual planters and cheerful fall mums.

Fri, 4 September – Monday, 7 September 2020

Sale Opening Hours: Fri & Sat: 9-4:45pm | Sunday & Monday 10-4pm

An update on ordering and pick-ups in 2020

Transitioning to online sales this year with curbside pickup has been a journey, and a very positive one. We’re delighted to find our customers so receptive to this method of operating, and we thank all of you who have purchased from us so far this season.

Order online for all of your gardening needs

Order online at and we’ll arrange curbside pickup

After a short experiment with drop-in visits earlier this weekend, we’ve decided that the most responsible and effective way that we can serve you this season is through continuing to take your orders online and by phone, with contactless curbside pickup.

Going forward, our opening hours (found here and on our Google Business listing), will indicate when we are open for pre-arranged curbside pickup only.

We will continue to work to make this as easy as possible for you, with inventory updated daily, announcements about new inventory, and clear information about timing and details for picking up your orders.

We’re so excited about this gardening season too, and we want to be sure we can be here for you throughout the whole season.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and please know that we’re here to make the 2020 gardening season a productive and beautiful one.

Best wishes,

Jonathan & Tori and the Carp Garden Centre team

Shop Online with Carp Garden Centre

Shop online with Carp Garden Centre


Carp Garden Centre update for spring 2020

As we get further into the gardening season, we will continue to accept online orders and phone orders with safe curbside pick up and contact-free payment methods.

We will be posting lists of all our products as they become available, including:

  • vegetable seedlings
  • annuals
  • hanging baskets
  • perennials
  • shrubs
  • trees
  • soils
  • mulches
  • other gardening products

Please watch for more information as this month progresses; we want to be sure you are feeling ready and well stocked for this gardening season!

Order your vegetable seeds for this season!

We recently received our vegetable and herb seeds and we know that our customers are excited to get seeds and get planting.

We have a quick list here of all varieties available; most packs are $1.99 each.

Carp Garden Centre is offering curbside pickup and contactless payment methods on all seed orders.

3 Ways to Order Your Seeds

  1. Use the quick order form at the bottom of this page
  2. Call us at 613 839 4359
  3. Email us at

Vegetable Seed Varieties

Updated April 15th: please note that quite a few varieties have already sold out! Noted like this in our original list: Imperator.

Homesteader or Lincoln
Little Marvel

Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Vine
Oregon Sugar Pod II

Swiss Chard
Fordhook Giant
Bright Lights
Rhubarb Chard

Bloomsdale Long Standing

Grand Rapids
Salad Bowl

Romaine Lettuce
Paris White Cos

Mesclun Mixture
Salad Greens

Broad Leaved Batavian
Early Green Moss Curled

Dwarf Curled Scotch

Sparkler White Tip
Scarlet Globe
Cherry Belle
French Breakfast

Table Queen or Acorn
Waltham Butternut
Burgess Buttercup

Zucchini Squash
Dark Green

Rainbow Blend
Chantenay Red
Nantes Coreless

Hollow Crown Improved

Detroit Dark Red

Sweet Corn
Peaches & Cream Early
Golden Bantam

Hungarian Yellow Sweet Banana
Early Calwonder
Long Red Cayenne
Hungarian Yellow Wax (Hot)

Pencil Pod Black Wax
Royal Burgundy
Golden Wax

Pole Bean
Kentucky Wonder Green

Sweet Spanish Utah
Southport White Globe

Large Musselburg
White Vienna

Small Sugar or Pie
Connecticut Field
Jack O’Lantern

Ornamental Mix

Golden Acre
Danish Ballhead

Half’s Best

Brussels Sprouts
Long Island Improved

Super Snowball Self Blanching

Green Sprouting

Bunny Best Improved
Roma VF

Basil – Genovese
Cilantro – Coriander
Sweet Morjoram
Root Parsely – Hamburg
Summer Savory
Parsley – Forest Green
Sweet Basil

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End of the Season

The 2019 gardening season has come to an end and the garden centre will be closing its gates until late November for Christmas trees sales.

Until then, we are happy to meet by appointment: please reach out if you’d like to meet to discuss a garden project. | 613-839-4359

Thank you all for an incredible season!

Please stay tuned for some of the new items and plant varieties you can expect to find at the garden centre next season.

It’s our annual Labour Day weekend sale!

It’s that time of the year! Our end of season clearance sale takes place this weekend!

Take 40% off Perennials, Trees & Shrubs and get a chance to preview our new fall annual stock – come check out the beautiful annual planters and cheerful fall mums.

Make it an afternoon or a day out with a visit to the Carp Farmers’ Market on Saturday (8 to 1), a meal at Alice’s Village Cafe, a trip to the Diefenbunker with the kids or visitors, or a walk or ride in the area.

Fri, 30 August – Monday, 2 September 2019

Sale Opening Hours: Fri & Sat: 9-5pm | Sunday & Monday 10-4pm

Come for the garlic festival, visit the garden centre!

As the season begins to wind down and we reach late summer, we vegetable gardeners are enjoying the fruits of our labours. The tomatoes are ripening, the cucumbers are ready to pickle, and most anticipated of all, the garlic is ready to harvest!

Many Carp locals know that nowhere celebrates this bountiful time better than the Carp Farmers’ Market. The annual Garlic Festival will be held at the Carp Fairground this coming weekend.

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